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Association of Traditional Hooking Artists


The Cream City Rug Hooking Guild is a member of the national  guild, Association of Traditional Hooking Artists, or ATHA for short.

The benefits of being an ATHA member include:

     *  A bimonthly subscription to the magazine, Art of Rug Hooking

     *  ATHA website for national information and resources

     *  Biennial Conventions

     *  Global Workshops

     *  Regional Rug Shows and "Hook Ins"

     *  Regional Rug Challenges

     *  70+ Local chapters throughout the US and Canada

     *  Large lending library of hooking related resources

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ATHA's website is:

The ATHA Biennial is going to be in Kansas City, September 14 - 17, 2022 (changed from 2021). Information on the Biennial will be published in the ATHA magazine. In the June/July 2020 issue the Committee is highlighted (pp. 24 -27) and Part 1 of Teachers (pp. 48-51). In the August/ September 2020 issue Part 2 of Teachers are given (pp. 48-51) and the Fundraiser Worm Box and Pattern Book on page 52. A copy of this is on the right - the pattern book is supposed to be great!

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