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 Our next meeting is July 24th at the First Congregational Church in Wauwatosa.  We will be meeting both the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at the First Congregational Church for a few months.  The Family Center is currently being upgraded.



33rd Hook In


Classic Title

There was a display of special rugs completed by Lyle Drier. She will truly be missed.


A special feature of our Hook In this year was a "Wooly Style Show." Most  models created their own outfits - upcycling wool into interesting pieces. Thank you ladies for your creativity and dedication!

Rugs entered in the Wisconsin Challenge


Our "Peoples Choice" winners!

Linda Gillen with "Butter Molds" designed by Jane McGown Flynn

"Wise Guys" was created by David Galchutt and expertly hooked by Sandy Kub.

"Ripples" was designed and hooked by Joyce Krueger. This was inspired by the center of a sunflower!

             Projects From Our Last Meetings


"YOU'RE UNIQUE" designed & hooked by Carol Stoldt

"Lucky Liberty Black Cat" designed by Johanna Parker (Spruce Ridge Studios) & hooked by Barb Kren

"Nautical Angle VI" designed by Capri Boyle Jones &               hooked by Janet Kiekhofer

Chris Martin designed and hooked this mat from various images in "Zenspirations - Abstract & Geometric Designs" by Joanne Fink

Part of the Guild's Wisconsin Challenge- Pam Schmelzle created "What Wisconsin Means To Me."

"Giraffe" is part of the Zoo series of Fancy This - Folk Art from Magnolias. Hooked by Jean Warren.

Carole Wirsching hooked this footstool top by adapting a pattern in Rug Hooking Magazine.


                                 Tribute to Lyle Drier

The Cream City Rug Hooking Guild and the whole world of rug hooking has lost a very special person - Lyle Drier. Lyle passed away on December 21, 2023, with Dennis at her side after a 17 year battle with multiple myeloma. Lyle's rug hooking began briefly in 1981, then in 1989 in earnest after joining the Cream City Rug Hooking Guild. Since that time she has produced more than 310 rugs and wall hangings, earning more than a 100 awards in Wisconsin and nationally. Some of Lyle's final words:  "What a wonderful group of people rug hookers are.  These factors certainly helped to stimulate the creativity. There are many rugs yet to be hooked. Many ideas yet to be explored. Many classes yet to take. Many rug hookers yet to meet."

Lyle - your talent, enthusiasm and smile will always be remembered.

Spreading the Art of Rug Hooking...

Wendy Vehanen set up and  demonstrated Rug Hooking at the Waukesha County Historical Society and Museum during the Waukesha Janboree in January.


Great Times at the Sheep and Wool Fest September 8 - 10th 

Lots of activity at the History Center of Hawks Inn on August 23rd and 24th!  Special guest was Jordan, demonstrating her vintage sock knitting machines and educating us about the industry, now and in the past.


Fun at the Wisconsin State Fair -Demonstrating Rug Hooking!


Kudos to the Guild members who entered Hooked Articles and earned ribbons.  These include Janet Kiekhofer, Ann Rudolph, Joyce Krueger and  Lyle Drier. Taking "Best of Show" from all the hooked categories was Janet Kiekhofer.  Don't let those hooks rest!

Projects & Festivities from our December meeting!


Playing LCR at our Holiday Celebration - hoping to win wool strips!

The winner of this game of LCR! Look at all the pretty colors!


"Cheek to Cheek Snowmen" is a Michelle Palmer design hooked by Lyle Drier. The snowmen are ready for winter!


"Patriotic Santa" Adapted & Hooked by Hazel Rooker - an old postcaes pattern by Cushing.

Holiday Tree Skirt - designed, hooked & embellished by Sharon Felten

Braided wreath created and embellished by Joyce Krueger

Photo album covers created by Sharon Felten for her granddaughters.
"Little Dancer" is designed by Yvonne Buss, and "Dottie" by Michelle Micarelli


Pat Cross created this Mola design in a workshop with Marilyn Denning. This is made from T shirts!

"My Spring Bonnet" is a Cushing design hooked by Sheryl Ellis. The trims are antique and the flowers came off a real bonnet!


The            32nd Cream City Hook In and Fairy Tales Show

Cream City 32nd Hook In - 2023

CCRHG - Hook-In 2023 - 7.jpg
CCRHG - Hook-In 2023 - 3_edited.jpg

Mary McGrath with "CLEO"

Our "People's Choice" Winners for Hook In

Joyce Krueger with "ENDANGERED SPECIES"

Lyle Drier with "SHINE"


Melissa Pattacini - designer of Fairy Tale patterns, owner of Honey Bee Hive and speaker at our Hook In is with Sharon Felten, creator of the Fairy Tale centerpieces and Joyce Krueger - a Fairy Tale rug artist and  instrumental in bringing the show to Cream City

Hooking Fairy Tales - Extraordinary Rugs Inspired by the Golden Age of Illustration by Robin Rennie can be purchased from Rug Hooking Magazine. Fairy Tale patterns can be purchased from Honey Bee Hive,

Congratulations to the area winners for this years Celebrations (from Rug Hooking Magazine) winners!  We are so excited to be surrounded with these creative artists!

"Shine" - a David Galchutt design, was created by Lyle Drier

Intriguing "Cleo" was designed by Mary McGrath

Joyce Krueger designed this barn after one she watched throughout her life. It has fallen down - but part of it is preserved in the frame!

Marilyn Denning used the painting "Guitar and Beautiful Soul" to complete this art piece.

"Harry" was beautifully hooked and braided by Sharon Felten - a Sally Kallin design.

 History of the Cream City Rug Hookers

ATHA Chapter 29

In 1985 several rug hookers lost their teacher - Lyn Raffensperger, who taught in Whitefish Bay, WI. They formed a group to hook together. Joyce Krueger, Waukesha, WI started teaching classes of rug hookers and helped the group get started and grow in size.

The group met on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and met for several years.  In 1989 the group of 20 members voted to join ATHA. Each member joined ATHA and applied for a chapter charter. They wrote by-laws, selected a name, and planned events promoting rug hooking. In 1995 the group chose to meet twice monthly, meeting again on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

As part of the process of organizing, the group formed their own identity with the selection of their original name - the Cream City Rug Hookers. One member, Linda Petech from Lake Geneva, WI used her skills as an artist to create an original logo for the group. She donated this logo in four sizes to be used freely by the group for the promotion of rug hooking.

The logo is a cream colored brick home with a red roof and surrounded with green pine trees. The words on the logo are drawn around the house and colored red. The home has meaning to the rug hooker for many of her pieces are used to beautify and personalize her home. The cream color and use of brick recalls to us the historical architecture in southern Wisconsin using the "cream city" brick material for building many homes.

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