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Hook In Registration for April 27, 2023 is here! We will also be hosting "The Golden Age of Illustrated Fairy Tales" - rugs hooked by the McGown Teachers. See the above poster for more information.

DATE: April 27, 2023 
Location: Boerner Botanical Gardens - Hales  Corners

Nice gardens!  Free parking!
No steps! Natural light!
Click below on the boxes for the actual Registration Form, Invitation and Map which you can print.  Samples of the forms are below.  Please contact me at: if you have questions or if you need the  forms emailed to you.       Jean Warren
April 17, 2017.

Scan_20230109 2023 Cover pg HookIn.jpg
Scan_20230109 (2) Hook In Map.jpg
Scan_20230115 Final Reservation Form.jpg
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